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Carbon Analytics and Almach Energy educate the next generation about sustainability at “Eco Hack”

Last week Carbon Analytics joined forces with Almach Energy to support ‘Eco Hack’, a ten week program designed to educate young people about the importance energy efficiency and sustainability. Eco Hack’s aim is to provide students with the real world skills and knowledge of coding and website design and by doing so to inspire them to embark their own entrepreneurial journeys in the future.

Michael Thornton, our CEO, delivered a session on energy and climate change to a group of over thirty students at the Tech Cit College. We were pleased to support this initiative and to work together with Almach Energy in delivering this inspiring project.

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Michael introducing students to greenhouse gas sources.


Eco Hack: Supporting the environment through innovations in education


Although there are various technological solutions available to those who strive to reduce energy consumption and live their lives more sustainably, influencing behavioural change still remains a challenge. This inspired initiation of the Eco Hack, a ten week project that will be delivered as a part of the curriculum at the Tech City College. The event is a result of a collaboration between inspiring organisations that have sustainability and education at the heart of their business models. Eco Hack was initiated by Almach Energy and is delivered in collaboration with the Aspirations Academies Trust, Voltaware and Acorn Aspirations.

Eco Hack’s aim is to effect a shift in mindset towards energy efficient behaviours at an early age. The brief is to create an interactive application for Primary and Junior aged children that will influence the way they think about energy efficiency within their own school environment. The application should be fun and interactive and ultimately it must enable children to understand how energy is used in their school and the environment and financial impacts that behavioural change can effect. The winning group will have a chance to turn their prototyped website into a real digital product. The application will then be deployed as part of a pilot within number of Primary Schools before a wider roll out.

Organisers and partners are excited about the event, Steve Kenning, the CEO of the Aspirations Academies Trust said: ‘we are delighted to be involved with Eco Hack as it is vitally important to educate our young people about climate change. We are using the development of the Eco Hack website as a real world problem for our post 16 students at Tech City College and Rivers Academy West London to develop the range of skills essential for success in today’s world’.

Eco Hack creates opportunity to engage young people with sustainability, as Managing Director of Almach Energy highlights: ‘We are proud and excited to be supporting the Eco Hack project as we believe that educating children in their formative years about the benefits of living sustainably, in particular energy usage, has the greatest chance of instilling good behaviours throughout their lives.’

The combination of imaginative flair and design capabilities of the students at Tech City College with the industry knowledge and technical expertise of the involved partners, ensures that Eco Hack will bring some outstanding applications and websites that can revolutionise the way that children are being taught about the energy consumption.

Event will begin on 12 April 2016 with the final presentations taking place on 21 June. To find out more visit Eco Hack’s website:

For any media or partnership enquiries email: or call +44(0)7823 333 535

Gotta catch ‘em all! Our new certification scheme helps businesses become leaders in sustainable business

We’ve updated our certification scheme! Keep reading to find out the benefits of certification, and (for those who have been with us for a while) how it has changed.

Why get “certified”?

Who doesn’t like getting credit for doing something right? We hope our certification scheme rewards businesses who challenge themselves to be more sustainable and encourages them to keep going! It’s also a way for businesses to showcase their increasing commitment to accountability, action, and leadership to their customers. We also hope that businesses start amiably competing with each other to earn different badges.

If every organisation—even the smallest business—takes these steps, we will make incredible progress on slowing climate change, and moving toward a clean, verdant world for all.


carbon awareWhat it means: Carbon Aware companies have a holistic understanding of their environmental impacts. They have taken the initiative to assess the carbon and water footprint of every purchase they make. This provides a strong foundation to manage their impacts and make choices that enable them to improve over time.

Certification requirements: Companies must assess at least their past year of purchases using the Carbon Analytics platform, and have their results verified and validated by a member of the Carbon Analytics certification team, to ensure that you have accurately categorised your suppliers and your footprint is representative of your impacts. This is free.


Carbon efficientWhat it means: Carbon Efficient companies take meaningful action by switching to renewable sources of heating and electricity, such as wind and solar power. This creates larger demand for and greater affordability of renewable energy.

Certification requirements: Companies must switch to (or already use) 100% renewable energy.


Carbon offsetterWhat it means: Carbon Offsetter companies take accountability for the emissions they create by purchasing carbon offsets for their full “cradle-to-gate” (direct organizational + supply chain) footprint. This pays for projects that help to reduce the amount of carbon being released to the atmosphere (e.g. by funding efficient, low-emissions cooking stoves in communities that otherwise cannot afford them), or to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere (e.g. by converting land into protected, forested areas).

Certification requirements: Companies must first achieve the Carbon Aware certification (or otherwise calculate and provide documentation of their full cradle-to-gate footprint), then offset their footprint with an accredited carbon offset provider.

For an introduction to what carbon credits are, how they work, and some of their benefits and challenges, check out our Carbon Credits 101 post.


carbon advocateWhat it means: Carbon Advocates take a leadership role to usher in the low-carbon economy by recruiting other companies to measure, improve and share their environmental impacts. This increases awareness, and spurs the rest of the economy to engage on this critical issue.

Certification requirements: Companies must successfully recruit 5 companies to the Carbon Analytics platform, and these companies must in turn demonstrate that they are progressing their low-carbon journey by achieving one of the aforementioned Carbon Analytics certifications.

How is this scheme different from our original scheme? 

Our original scheme had three sequential steps — in other words, you couldn’t attempt Step 3, without completing Steps 1 and 2.

Our newer version has four badges, and they generally don’t require earning one badge as a requirement for earning another. (Except Carbon Offsetter: a business needs to be Carbon Aware first.)

We did this to acknowledge that different companies start their journey at different places, and to encourage companies to do what they can as soon as they can.

Are you ready to be a sustainability leader? It’s as easy as 1,2,3,4! To get started on collecting your badges, contact us at or via our website’s contact form.


QuickBooks Online Integration and a New Look for 2016

This week we’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated our product with QuickBooks Online!  In the meantime, we’ve simplified our product navigation. Everything is on one page, so you can quickly navigate between analyzing your impacts and managing them.


For QuickBooks Online users, you no longer need to generate a report from QuickBooks to upload to our system. You can simply click to connect within our platform, and Carbon Analytics can pull the necessary data to determine your environmental footprint.

We’ve got a few other cloud accounting integrations in our sights this year, so if you don’t use Xero or QuickBooks Online we’ll be looking to bring you support soon!  In the meantime, you can still provide your transactions in a simple spreadsheet upload.

We’ve got an exciting few months of feature deployments ahead, so stay tuned for announcements.


New Season, New Features!

As fall approaches, we’re excited to let you know about some of the new features we were cooking up in the summer heat. Read below about our simplified dashboard, top 5 impact summary, and our new certification programme.

We kicked off the summer with a healthy dose of simplification. You can now find all of the basic info you need about your company on your main dashboard. This includes your “official” footprint for your last fiscal year, as well as your past year of impacts on a month-to-month or day-to-day basis.  You can also set a carbon reduction target to see how you’re progressing over time.


You asked – we answered.  Several customers shared how they wanted to know what their Top 5 suppliers and Top 5 categories were for their carbon and water footprints. We’ve made these dead easy to find, just below your annual summary on the dashboard.


Finally, we’re very excited to unveil our official certification programme.  The programme is intended to give small businesses a credible way to communicate that they’ve taken the effort to:

  1. Understand their impacts (“Carbon Aware”)
  2. Take action by switching to green energy or offsetting their footprint (“Carbon Efficient”)
  3. Lead the movement by recruiting more companies to assess and reduce their own footprint (“Carbon Leader”)

You can find details right on your main dashboard, and each certification levels comes with a badge you can share with your customers and stakeholders.


Check out the new look and let us know what you think!  We’d love to hear how we can make Carbon Analytics better.



New season, new features! Xero integration, Transaction data, and more….

At Carbon Analytics we were labouring away through the cold winter, and with spring in bloom we’re proud to be showcasing the fruits of our labour!

We’re most excited to be announcing our partnership and platform integration with Xero.  If you do your book keeping in Xero (great for small businesses if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, small-business-friendly system) within a few clicks you can now import your transactions and get your full environmental analysis in Carbon Analytics.  The integration pushes the envelope for simplifying and automating environmental reporting, and we’re excited to welcome a new community of users to manage their impact.


Along with Xero, we’ve built in some more powerful features to analyze your impact. You can now benchmark your environmental performance in multiple currencies, and assess your impact right now to the transaction level. Want to know how many carbon emissions were embedded when you purchased that team dinner? No problem!


Finally, we’ve added flexibility for users who want to manage multiple organizations in Carbon Analytics, or invite team members to join them on the platform.



We’ve got a pipeline of new features that will be coming out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for improved benchmarking of fuel and electricity emissions, and time-based reporting to monitor your impact over time.


Walking the walk: Our first environmental & social performance report

Today we are pleased to announce the publication of our first ever Environmental & Social Performance Report! (click to download)

Setting our values in writing last year was a major milestone for our company.  They have provided clarity at difficult decision points, and allowed us to rally behind the things that matter most as we build Carbon Analytics.  Following in the spirit of those values, we wanted to be transparent about our environmental and social goals. It helps to keep us accountable, and brings more people and more ideas into the conversation about how to be the best performing company we can be. It also has given us the opportunity to use our own product in a new context, and understand how it can be improved to facilitate this process.

We are early in the evolution of understanding what it means to set meaningful environmental & social goals, and to be able to track them effectively. As we evolve we’ll continue to publish our performance reports so that companies in similar stages can benefit from  our journey.  Already we have noticed that pure measurements of electricity and water, for example, will naturally increase as our company grows – benchmarking these items per capita, or per pound of revenue will likely be a more meaningful way to understand our progress in the future.

We’re excited to be publishing our environmental and social performance, and we hope you are too!


Looking Forward to B Lab UK!

Building on our former guest post by Mike Athay about the role of the corporation, we’re excited to announce that Carbon Analytics has started the process of certifying ourselves as a UK B Corporation!  And it looks like we’re not the only ones.

This year, with the help of Volans, B Lab will officially be launching in the UK. Having attended one of three sold out preparation sessions in December, I can safely say there is significant pent up demand for B Corporations here in the UK. More and more entrepreneurs are building socially-oriented business models from day one that value a ‘triple bottom line‘ of people (social performance), planet (environmental performance), and profit (financial performance).

B Lab is the non-profit organization behind the B Corporation certification. It offers a rigorous assessment (which we are currently going through) that allows companies to gauge their performance on social, environmental and governance issues.  If the business has shown strong performance, and has implemented enough controls and processes to qualify, including protecting the its social mission within its constitution, it can become B Lab certified.

The result is a stamp that companies can wear proudly to quickly – and credibly – communicate their social values. The likes of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Patagonia and more recently Natura are already B Corps, but the movement is just as much about small businesses as it is large, flagship ones.

It’s our hope that the introduction to the UK will further bolster the country’s social entrepreneurship spirit, lead to better products and services for consumers, and lead the way to a healthier, happier economy.


Water & Energy: A more complete picture

You asked, we listened! Last week we published a new version of our product , featuring  two new modules dedicated to understanding your company’s water and energy impacts (we also gave it a bit of a face lift in the process).


In the sustainability arena, while carbon is still the best developed proxy for understanding overall environmental performance, there is increasing need to understand the specific impacts that are most material to a company’s operations.

Beverage companies like CocaCola and Pepsi, for example, have been active in assessing and managing their water impacts, with Pepsi claiming to have saved 14 billion litres of water in 2013 alone through improvements and special projects.  In the context of their operations in countries like India, where beverage production can have a substantial impact on fresh water sources, it makes sense that water should be closely monitored and managed.

Energy, meanwhile, offers a much more tangible indicator for companies to understand and improve the specific impacts related to their electricity and fuel consumption.  In the UK, energy is also being increasingly regulated. Coming into full effect in December of this year, the ESOS scheme (part of the broader EU Energy Directive) will require companies with more than 250 employees or €50m EUR in turnover to perform mandatory energy audits.

As with carbon, we hope our new updates will help companies become more aware of their environmental performance on a broader range of impacts, and set them on a path to improve where it counts the most  Check it out. We’d love to know what you think!


Hey, we’ve got a new look!

Today at Carbon Analytics we’ve launched a new website!  (check it out here)

The website mirrors the direction we’re taking our product.  We want Carbon Analytics to be THE go-to carbon footprinting and environmental performance solution for small businesses.  In the same spirit that companies like Xero and Square have simplified accounting and transactions for small businesses, we too want to help small businesses join the low carbon economy and all the benefits that go with it.

For enterprises, we think this is exciting too. With mounting consumer pressure for greener, more sustainable supply chains, there is a stronger incentive than ever to help your suppliers go green.  We’re building the next iteration of our product with that specifically in mind.  You’ll be able to effortlessly invite even the smallest suppliers to the platform, see their environmental impacts, and help them to improve.

You can expect similar updates to our product in the near future. We’ll be simplifying the whole experience, so you can quickly understand your impact, share it with your customers, supporters and partners, and manage it effectively.

Also keep an eye out for improved analytics covering water and energy impacts as well, as we strive to provide a more holistic offering.

We hope you like it!