Building a clean, just, verdant world for all.

Carbon Analytics was founded by a team from Oxford with the belief that it should be easy for companies of all sizes to reap the rewards of managing their environmental impacts. We're committed to removing the barriers to environmental management and to guiding as many companies as possible on their journey to building a greener business and supply chain.

Meet the team

Michael Thornton
Co-Founder, CEO
Greg FitzGerald
Co-Founder, Operations
Savina Venkova
Zahraa Almasslawi
Product Development
Garry Felgate
Advisor, Former Director of The Carbon Trust
Colin MacLaughlin
Advisor, Finance Professional
Jared Braslawsky
Advisor, Founder of I-REC Standard

Our values

Guided by the example of the companies we respect most, we recognize the importance of putting our company values and culture into words. These values set us apart from our peers and guide us in our mission to help organizations everywhere be as green as they can be. As of May 2015, we have protected them directly by becoming a Certified B Corporation, and legally incorporating our mission into our company's articles of association.

We believe that having a positive impact and commercial success go hand in hand. The greater our impact the greater our commercial success will be, and the greater our commercial success the broader-reaching our impact will be.
The only way to achieve something big is to think big. Everything we do is in the context of building a world class company with global scale and impact.
Big things only happen with mass participation. We celebrate improvement over stature, and love to cheer on the under dog.
That sounds a bit 90’s, but we think it’s important to remember that we are all in this together. It’s about sharing the burden and helping where you can. That’s what family is all about and we like to think we are one big happy family.
Kind of a no-brainer, we think. Doing what we do should NOT be boring, so we encourage people to stay loose, be happy, and have fun doing really, really meaningful work.
We will go out of our way to help our customers get the most of our products and services. No call is too small - any request we'll commit our best and even find the time to rhyme.
Perfect can be the enemy of good. We favour an action bias, and we think this is the best way to make a positive impact and help our customers to do the same.
We view quality the way it is described in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." Quality is a mindset - it is in everything we do.
Creativity and tenacity are critical to success. We love working with people who will find a way through when obstacles arise, and bring fresh ideas to old and new problems alike.
We seek out and respect opinions, biases, and perspectives that differ from our own; and we reward people fairly for the contributions they make, regardless of their background, gender, culture, or any other dimension of a person's identity.
Occasionally our values will contradict each other. Decisions will not always have a clear winner. When in doubt, choose to do the right thing.
Many people think the number 13 is unlucky. Many more believe that a 12th value should follow the 11th. Neither of these prevented us from having a 13th value about challenging the status quo.
Certified B Corporation

Download our 2015 Environment & Social Performance Report

2015 Environment & Social Performance Report

Community Ties

We are proud to be a member of four thriving communities on the UK’s start-up scene: Oxygen Accelerator; MassChallenge; ClimateKIC, the EU’s premier climate innovation initiative; and Sirius programme, sponsored by UK Trade & Investment.

Oxygen Accelerator Portfolio Company
Mass Challenge
ClimateKIC EIT Programme Participant
UKTI Sirius Programme Venture
EIT Digital Accelerator Venture

Awards & Recognition

We've been widely recognized for the innovation we're bringing to the environmental space.

EIT Digital Challenge Winner (Big Data)
SXSW Eco Finalist
Shell Springboard Finalist
InnovateUK SMART Awardee
Hello Tomorrow Challenge Winner (Big Data)
SOCAP Gratitude Award Winner
MassChallenge UK Silver Winner
GSVC Semi-Finalist

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