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ESOS, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, is a mandatory energy assessment scheme administered by the UK's Environment Agency for large organisations in the UK that have at least 250 employees, or greater than €50m in annual turnover and over €43m (calculated at the highest operating group level).

ESOS requires organisations to holistically audit their energy consumption and develop cost-effective strategies to reduce their consumption over time.

Organisations subject to ESOS must notify the Environment Agency of their reults by 5 December 2015


What is required for ESOS compliance?

To comply with ESOS, organisations must either be ISO50001 compliant, or complete the following activities:

  • Measure the total energy consumption of your organisation
  • Identify areas of significant consumption
  • For each area, perform an energy audit against an existing standard
  • Appoint a qualified lead assessor to validate the audit
  • Have at least one board director review the assessment findings (2 if the lead assessor works for you)
  • Notify the Environment Agency of your compliance

How can Carbon Analytics help?

Carbon Analytics uses your annual spend to determine your environmental impacts, including the energy consumption in kWh of every purchase that you make. The process is easy, fast, and best of all - it's free.

For ESOS compliance, we consolidate your primary areas of energy impacts into a single report.

esos report

We also provide helpful links to lead assessors and sample recommendations on which you can base your reduction strategies.

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