How it works.

The big idea: Every purchase tells a story.

There are environmental impacts embedded in every purchase your business makes. We benchmark your suppliers to understand these impacts. So whether you spend on electricity, paperclips, or the services of your accountant, Carbon Analytics surfaces the carbon emissions and water consumption that result.

How do we benchmark purchases?

We look at the suppliers you use. If there is public information about a supplier's emissions or water consumption (typical for utilities and large corporations), we'll use that information to understand the resulting impact. Otherwise, we use industry benchmarks from EU and other public data sources.

If your suppliers use Carbon Analytics, you can also link your accounts to make sure your footprint is more accurate.

How can you use this information to improve?

We provide visualizations to help you understand where your impacts are most concentrated, and let you track your impacts over time to see your progress when you make a change.

Carbon Analytics in 3 simple steps:

Sign up.

Create your account and add your organization.

Link or upload your data.

We'll guide you to the right data, or you can invite your finance manager or accountant.

Share and improve.

Let the world know your managing carbon and use our analytical tools to find the best ways to improve. Our downloadable reports and certifications provide a quick and credible way to share your progress with your customers.