Why Use Insight



It’s the digital era - information should flow quickly where it needs to, not be trapped in spreadsheets, file cabinets and everywhere in between. With Carbon Analytics, your footprint comes from your living breathing accounting system - setup can be done in minutes, managed easily and results pulled anytime. No more months long reporting cycles gathering data that’s a year out of date.



It is critical that any business be able to particpate in the low-carbon economy. We are working hard to lower the barrier as far as we can and have set our prices at a small fraction of those consultants charge for the same service. Measuring and managing carbon saves real money as well - we hope you’ll see this as a no-brainer for your company, and recruit others to join you in the low-carbon journey.



Standards evolve. We’ve designed Carbon Analytics to future proof your assessment. We assess the full impact of your business - not just what’s easy to measure, but the economy-wide impact. This means that you can use your footprint to understand the impact of pricing, to strive towards being truly offset, for risk assessment and for nearly any reporting regime present or future.