Every business can be a green business.

Easily measure, share, and improve your environmental impacts today. It's free and built for small businesses.


Free, for good.

We've made our environmental analysis free as part of our mission to make environmental measurement accessible to all. Read more about our mission and values.

There's no catch. We plan to make money by offering a review and certification service and helping larger businesses with their analyses, but you'll always be able to measure, share, and improve your impacts using our self-service platform for free.

Show customers you care.

Our certification programme demonstrates that you understand your impacts and are working to improve them over time. Be an ambassador for sustainable business. Learn more.

Skip the hard part.

Our powerful technology takes care of the complex measurements involved in carbon footprinting. It converts data you already keep (purchase records from your accounting system) into their carbon and water equivalents, so you can spend your time sharing and improving rather than measuring. Learn more.

And if you use Xero it's even easier! Sync your transactions directly using our Xero add-on.

Take action.

Use our dashboard and visualizations to find the best areas to improve. For common impacts, like energy consumption, we work with partners to help you find green products and services.

Track your improvements over time.

As you make greener choices, like purchasing renewable energy or buying from low carbon suppliers, you'll see your carbon footprint decrease on your main dashboard. Carbon Analytics also lets you set goals and track your progress against them each time you login.

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