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Automatic CARBON footprintING From your ACCOUNTING SYSTEM
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Carbon Accounting Built for Small and Midsize Businesses

Carbon Analytics integrates with your accounting software and automatically produces the results you need.

Use this footprint for reporting, marketing, and improvement.

Fast, accurate, affordable

Help lead the global shift to a low-carbon economy.


Let us do the tedious part, you get to the important part: doing good for your business and the planet.

Our powerful technology takes care of the complex measurements involved in carbon footprinting. It converts data you already keep (purchase records from your accounting system) into their carbon and water equivalents, so you can spend your time sharing and improving rather than measuring. Learn more


And if you use Xero it's even easier! Sync your transactions directly using our Xero add-on.


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Our certification programme demonstrates that you understand your impacts and are working to improve them over time. Be an ambassador for sustainable business.