Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software? Do I need to install it?

No, this is a cloud-based solution so it lives online, there is nothing to install or manage.

How do I update my data? How often do I need to?

Once you are set up, your data will flow automatically to the platform, updating whenever your online accounting is (or with each upload, for Excel users). We may have some additional questions at times which we’ll let you know about. Most reporting standards today require annual reporting though some are moving to a quarterly schedule. We suggest reviewing every few weeks to see if you are on track with reduction goals.

What is the methodology behind this footprinting?

Using financial data is unique, but the core methodology is WRI’s GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

What is the analysis boundary?

The boundary is Cradle to Gate for all suppliers and their suppliers to ‘infinity’. The goal is to measure the true full impact of each purchase. Just because you don’t own the factory doesn’t mean it doesn’t create emissions. We model the complete system, and are adding more reported data all the time.

This is very cool! Couldn’t we do the same for water, deforestation or other metrics?

Yes! And we’d love to – we’re still young and resource strapped but moving as fast as we can. Using our platform helps us get there, and we thank you. If you’d like to help us develop the next features, please get in touch too.

What Data is Transmitted? How is it used?

Here's a rundown on what data is accessed, how it's used and how we protect it:

 - Via Xero/Quickbooks we analyze every purchase your company made for the period you specify - this is what the footprint is derived from

 - We must comply with the same standards as all other apps in the Xero / Quickbooks app stores

 - The resulting carbon footprint is yours and yours alone - if you choose to share it of course you may, typically only the highest level data is shared (your total footprint) - some companies also share their top impact categories or top suppliers.  We share nothing unless you ask us to.

 - Though Insight is focused on small and midsize companies, we also work with FTSE 500 enterprises like British Gas and Hitachi Capital and our systems and policies have been vetted and comply with their stringent requirements.

 - All that said, we're constantly working to improve and welcome any thoughts or suggestions you have:

Have another question or idea?

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