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The increasing importance of measuring your carbon footprint


Why Carbon Footprinting

As climate change accelerates, business needs and wants to do its part.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure:

Carbon footprinting is the way we measure the amount of climate impact each company is responsisble for.

Your business is doing great things. However in the process of doing these things it unavoidably has an impact on the planet. It‘s every business’ responsibility understand and reduce those impacts

What is in your carbon footprint?

When your customers buy products or services from you - your company springs into motion: making products, moving ships, serving up web pages and much more. Likewise, your company buys from other companies who in turn buy from other companies.

The economic ripple is what your company is responsible for - and the emissions specifically from that ripple are your carbon footprint.

A Meter for Climate Health Monitoring your company’s carbon footprint is a critical step to ensuring its long term health